Delivery Menu

Salad Boxes

Greek dacos
Barley rusks, marinated tomato, balsamic cream, anthotiro cheese, fresh thyme, caper, caper leaves, extra virgin olive oil
Famous Greek salad
Carob rusks, tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, onion, olives, fresh oregano, caper, caper leaves, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil
Wealthy & Healthy
Baby rocket, baby spinach, lolo rosso, spinach, roasted peanuts, buckthorn, melon, honey, goat cheese, sesame seeds, pollen, tahini mayo
Nostos chicken salad
Grilled chicken breast, iceberg, sundry tomato, spring onions, mushrooms, smoked bacon, graviera flakes, cardamon & mustard dressing

Side and bite…

French fries
French fries cheddar bacon

Dessert it…

Waffles mini 4 pc
Toppings and more…
Nutella , white chocolate, dark chocolate, honey, maple syrup, cherry syrup, chocolate syrup, tahini, nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sundry fruits, chocolate drops , smarties, chocolate colorful truffle, grounded cookies, crumbled Oreo, banana, apple, pineapple, whipped cream, chocolate mousse, butter cream, powdered sugar
Love gift box…
A box full of sweet delights for you or a loved one! Mini Lacta, mini Mars, mini Snickers, Bounty, Kit kat, Smarties, Kinder
Make it personal…
Print your personal message on each box and make yourself and others smile!

Energy Drinks and Detox Water

Melon with spirulina and honey
Orange with tahini and honey
Cucumber lemon mint (Detox)
Rosemary and lime

Hand and Run…

Sandwich with tuna and pickled cucumber
Rustic bread with tuna salad, iceberg, cucumber and dijon mustard. Served with green salad and cherry tomato
Sandwich with salami and coleslaw
Rustic bread, beer salami, coleslaw, pickled cucumber and dijon mustard. Served with green salad and cherry tomato
Sandwich with bacon and honey mustard sauce
Rustic bread, smoked bacon, tomato, pickled onion and honey mustard sauce. Served with green salad and pickled onion
Club Sandwich with bacon
Toasted bread, smoked bacon, lettuce, mayo, ham, cheddar cheese, tomato. Served with french fries and ketchup sauce
Baguette with turkey and anthorito cheese
Whole grain baguette, anthorito cheese, smoked turkey, tomato, iceberg , olive oil , oregano. Served with green salad and sesame seeds
Baguette with cream cheese and smoked salmon
Baguette with sun seeds, cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, iceberg. Served with green salad and sesame seeds
Crab salad baguette
Whole grain baguette with crab salad, tomato, iceberg, and ginger mayo sauce
Mushroom burger
Brioche bread, roasted mushroom, cream cheese, lettuce, dill and mustard sauce. Served with green salad and yogurt dip with herbs and lime
Chicken burger
Brioche with sesame seeds, crispy chicken breast, cheddar cream, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard sauce ,ginger mayo. Served with French fries and ketchup sauce
Brioche burger bread with minced beef burger, cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber, mustard, mayo ,tomato ,lettuce .Served with french fries and ketchup sauce
Double Texas burger
Black brioche, double beef burger, cheddar cheese, cheddar cream, pickled onion , tomato , lettuce , sunny side egg, mayo , bbq sauce . Served with french fries, ketchup and bbq sauce
Chicken and cheddar burrito
Tortilla with roasted chicken, cherry tomato, cheddar cream, gouda cheese,dijon mustard, corn seeds , spring onion, garlic paste , sea salt. Served with nachos, grated cheese and ginger mayo sauce
Shrimp burrito
Tortilla, shrimps, cherry tomato, avocado, pickled onion, pineapple, kimchi mayo , garlic sprouts , sesame oil , fresh oregano , sea salt . Served with spicy nachos and ginger mayo sauce